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What we do

We provide schools in the UK with an easy way to create and maintain their own website. We understand that a website and the ability to make important information easily available is becoming more and more important for schools, but we have seen that often the help to achieve this isn’t available to schools or comes at a premium price.

So we've made Easy School Website to solve this problem, empowering schools to build successful and distinctive websites for themselves in just minutes with no prior knowledge of web technology, jargon or design required.

You can view our example school website HERE

Design Design

Using our easy-to-use designer, pick colours from a pallet, fonts from lists and make your site your own by adjusting more subtle elements using sliders. All changes are shown live so that you can see your school’s website come alive in minutes as you pick a colour, slide a slider or change the font.

Designing a website can be challenging, but we've made it incredibly simple to do, meaning you'll have your website designed in minutes.

School image Your school image

Simply click to browse and pick a photo of your school (or anything else that you like) and drag the selector to automatically crop your image.

Click the Finish button and watch as your school image is immediately inserted into your website design, ready for you to carry on making other simple design decisions.

If you don't have a digital photograph of your school, there's no reason not to start building your website. Simply select a library image from a list and use that. You can always come back later and update your picture once you've taken a photograph.

Pages and menus Pages and menus

Deciding what to put on your website can be tricky. To help you on your way, we'll set you up with the basic stuff first, such as Homepage, Contact Us and news.

Managing the content of all pages is easy and adding a new page is as easy as clicking a button and giving it a name, we'll automatically add it to the menu and there’s no limit so grow your site and add as many as you like.

Managing menus is just as simple as adding pages. Simply click to add, suspend, delete or move pages around.

Gallery Photo galleries

Easily and quickly create an unlimited number of photo galleries simply by selecting from pictures stored on your computer.

Once uploaded, we will automatically re-size your photos, build your photo gallery and insert in into your website ready to be viewed by your visitors

Want to show your galleries in a specific order? No problem, just move them around the screen with your mouse and click Save!

You can even add any of your photo galleries to any of your custom pages, just by ticking a box. Easy School Makes the process of adding and maintaining your photo galleries really easy!

Policies Your school policies

Schools are often required to make their statutory policies publicly available. Easy School Website makes that process as simple as uploading a file. And that's it!

Just enter the type of policy you are uploading, add a description if you like, and then browse to upload your file. All of your uploaded policies will then automatically appear on your policy page.

To make the process even easier, we'll convert any uploaded files to PDF for you before adding them to your website.

News News

Maybe your school is going to be closed due to bad weather? Why not add a simple news story to your website to let parents know? This can be done quickly and easily by any member of staff either from school or from home.

Adding a news story to your homepage is a great way to let visitors know about recent achievements and successes!

Adding news is a great, simple way of keeping your homepage current, letting visitors know the website is worth coming back to!

Google analytics Google Analytics

We've made it really simple to add full Google Analytics to your Easy School Website.

Simply create a Google Analytics account and paste your tracking code into your Easy School Website control panel. And that's it!

Using Google Analytics with your Easy School Website is a great way of keeping track of your website visitors.

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